History of YAC

The Fluvanna County Youth Advisory Council was formed with the vision of creating a forum to discuss youth issues in the county in terms of unmet needs and the development of new programs and initiatives. To be successful and have a positive impact on the community, this council had have substance, which meant a committed and working membership.

An open invitation to the initial meeting in September, 2002 was sent to agency personnel and other potentially interested parties. They were asked come ready to discuss whether this was a viable effort and if so, bring to the table issues that the council might address.

Later, the mission of the Youth Advisory Council was formalized and by-laws written.

Today, the Youth Advisory Council provides information on youth programs that are offered by agencies and organizations to families and youth living in Fluvanna County, is a liaison between organized groups that provide programs for youth in Fluvanna County, and serves as an advisory board to the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors regarding issues related to youth in the county.

Additionally, the council creates opportunities for exchange between the various youth-serving agencies and organizations. This is to help identify the programs and services that are being offered to youth in the county, identify possible gaps in services, provide opportunities for collaboration, as well as to share and celebrate the positive impact on youth in the county!

By participation in the Youth Advisory Council, organizations have a “seat at the table” to influence and the direction of youth development in the county, as well as the opportunity to benefit from promotional efforts to inform the public, families, and youth about their programs.